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North London Property Development

London is experiencing a property boom with prices continuing to rise, and North London is no exception. According to Knight Frank, the North London property market was worth £7.4billion in 2016. This is forecast to grow by 37% over the next five years. The market is dominated by luxury properties but there are also a large number of luxury apartments available for purchase as well as newbuilds.

Introduction: North London is a hotspot for property development with numerous new projects underway or recently completed.

Property types: North London offers a wide variety of property types to suit all budgets and needs.

Transport: Excellent transport links make North London an ideal location for commuters.

Schools: North London is home to some of the best schools in the country.

Amenities: North London is well served by shops, restaurants and other amenities.

Conclusion: North London is a great place to invest in property.